Virtus BR




Advisory Services

  • Financial advisory to companies and investors on Merger & Acquisition transactions, and fund raising
    • Business valuation
    • Strategy analysis
    • Preparation of marketing material
    • Negotiation strategy advisory
    • Due diligence coordination
    • Negotiation of definitive agreements

  • Restructuring advisory to debtors and creditors including financial restructuring services, strategic advice and related investment banking services, both in-court and out-of-court processes.
    • Development of cash flow analysis in order to forecast debt repayment capacity
    • Design of the optimal debt restructuring plan
    • Negotiation with both debtors and creditors to restructure existing debt and other corporate liabilities
    • Negotiation of definitive agreements

  • Fairness opinion and valuation reports in connection with M&A transactions
  • Support and Advisory to independent board committees to determine exchange ratios related to M&A transactions
  • Independent advisory to shareholders in the Initial Public Offering of their companies
    • Analysis and recommendation of appropriate financing structures
    • Advisory on transaction specifics such as offering size, structure, pricing, timing and targeted investors

  • Strategy analysis to obtain the most attractive financing sources
  • Advisory on analysis and recommendation of the most appropriate
  • Financial advisory on structuring the guarantees associated with the financing
    • Discussion of final documents and other matters required to properly structure such guarantees